Frequently Ask Question, How to Play and More!


Where do I find the QR codes and links?
Customers can find QR codes on in-store displays of participating products. Links can also be found on social media, retailer specific vehicles and more.
How do I scan the QR codes?
iPhone - The codes can be scanned by opening the camera app and selecting the rear facing camera. Hold your device so that the QR code appears in the camera viewfinder. Once the device recognizes the QR code, tap on the notification to launch the experience. 

Android - Open Google Lens and point the camera at the QR code. Tap the magnifying glass icon to scan the QR code and tap the pop-up notification that appears once the QR code is recognized.

Alternatively, you can download or use a QR code reader app if your device camera does not have the QR reader function.


What are the Prizes & Rewards?

Grand Prize

(1) Grand Prize: Trip for 4 to Hawaii, a $15,000 value

Secondary Prizes

(2) 1st Place Prizes: $2,500 (3) 2nd Place Prizes: $1,000 Gift Card (4) 3rd Place Prizes: $500 Gift Card (5) 4th Place Prizes: $25 Gift Card

Instant Win Prizes

(5,000) Free KING'S HAWAIIAN® Product (250) KING'S HAWAIIAN® and Kona Brewing Co. Summer Swag Pack including KING'S HAWAIIAN® t-shirt and set of 4 custom, outdoor beverage cups

Kings Hawaiian Coupons

Over 450,000 possible coupons delivered throughout the summer.
How do I receive my instant win prize?
All prize awards require registration to collect. Once registered, you need to press the "Collect" button. An email will be sent out to the email address you entered during registration. If you do not receive your prize notification email, please check your JUNK or SPAM folder.
Where can I find the Official Sweepstakes Rules?
Click on the "Official Rules" link at the bottom of the page.


What are the Experiences?

Users can visit Paradise to engage in an Augmented Reality ("AR") experience. The experience includes:

Personalize Your Paradise / Avatar Creator Ride a Kona Big Wave Dance in Paradise Go Pineapple Bowling Enjoy Summer Grilling Recipes & Pairings All things summer grilling recipes, which include step-by-step guides to delicious entrees, sides, drinks and sweets
How can I earn puzzle pieces?
How can I earn puzzle pieces?
How do I frame my food?
Tap the “Frame Your Food” button to launch the photo feature. Press the circle button to take your photo and the following options will appear: Use the hashtag #sayalohasummersweeps to share with a larger audience! At the end of the game you can return back to the Recipes page (via the Back to Recipes button) OR return home to the main hub.
After I frame my food, how do I save and share photos using my iPhone?
Once you have “Framed Your Food”, press SHARE.
How do I Personalize my Paradise?

Photo saving/sharing on iOS and Android

Tap the “SHARE” button to take a photo of you avatar + isand name Press the circle button to take your photo and the following options will appear:
Are there any guidelines on what I can name my paradise?
Yes, the following content is PROHIBITED
How do I Catch a Kona Big Wave?
How do I go Pineapple Bowling?
How do I Dance in Paradise?
How do i save and share photos of my avatar using my iPhone?
When playing...
You can continue playing after your puzzle piece has been awarded as many times as you like to increase your score and earn additional sweepstakes entries for all games apart from Personalize Your Paradise (personalising your paradise will earn you one additional sweepstakes entry only). Users must complete the game to earn their rewards, exiting the game half way through will not qualify a puzzle piece/sweeps entry. Your in-game score does not determine the number of sweepstakes entries earned.
What do I do if I don't hear any audio in the experience?
The AR experience has audio on by default. If you’re using an iPhone, check if you have your device in silent mode. You may also need to adjust the volume to an acceptable level.


How do I earn sweepstakes entries?
How do I claim my puzzle pieces acquired through participating in the experience?
After completing the game, simply tap on the “Go Back to Paradise” button to receive your piece.
What happens when I complete the entire puzzle?
You earn 100 extra sweepstakes entries – Congratulations!
Is there a limit on how many sweepstakes entries I can acquire?
Yes, there is a limit of 500 Sweepstakes entries per person/per sweepstakes account.
How do I check how many sweepstakes entries I have earned?
Visit the "What have I earned so far?" link on the page.
If I beat my score on a game, am I entitled to more Sweepstake entries?
No, only 1 sweepstakes entry will be awarded each time you play.
What if I find Sam Sam the GRILLO® Pickle man?
Finding Sam Sam the Pickle Man in any of the games will earn you an extra 50 sweeps entries. Sam-Sam can only appear once at random in all games, apart from the Personalize Your Paradise activation.
If I beat my score on a game, am I entitled to more sweepstakes entries?
No, only 1 sweepstakes entry will be awarded each time you play, where applicable.


What phones are compatible?
Most phones are compatible, including iPhones and Android smartphones and tablets.

Older phone models, such as iPhone 8 and earlier, and older operating systems may experience performance issues.
Why can't I share a photo on IOS?
You may need to update your IOS to 15 or higher.
Do I need WIFI to play this experience?
You will need a good WIFI connection or 4G or greater mobile data. Message & data rates my apply.
Should I accept camera & motion permissions when prompted?
Yes! This is an important step as it enables you to take advantage of our Augmented Reality features.
Can I use multiple devices?
Yes! Your account is based off your email address. Using another device to scan the same code will allow you to gather entries on the new device.
How do I add a photo for my iPhone's photo app?
Once you have “Framed Your Food”, press SHARE. Next select SAVE IMAGE to put into your photo library.


Who should I contact for any support queries?