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that inspire.

be inspired...


that sell.

problems solved...


all expectations.

that exceeds

how we do it...

32 years in
the making

Founded in 1989 in Dallas, TX by consumer packaged goods and ad agency veteran, Jim Wilson.

Working with some of the most popular brands in retail, TWG has been interacting and connecting with consumers along the path to purchase for over three decades. We provide expertise across a multitude of disciplines, resulting in fully integrated promotion plans that reach consumers at the various touch-points throughout the shopping journey.

It’s what we do.

who we are

Autres accessoires pour cartes à collectionner non sportives

Bark bark bark bark bark. Woof, woof woof! (Translation: I work for pats & hugs. Along with my other 4-legged buddies, we run circles around the rest of the office.)

Chief Wooficer

Reva Sydow

Account Director

James H. Wilson

Senior Art Director

Taylor Gore

Account Supervisor

Gina Rivera

Account Supervisor

Amy Maurer

Account Manager

Cassidy Hale

Account Manager

Aaron Herrell

Crea8tive Crew

Andrew Stephens

Account Director

Erin Thacker

Account Director

brands we have worked with

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at the core
of what we do

The number one reason TWG is successful.

Even the best ideas will fail if the execution is not flawless.

Every project, big or small, begins with the end in mind.
It all begins with an obsessive understanding of the Shopper.
What If? Why Not? What’s New? How do we make it better? How do we make it the best? TWG, always striving to discover what's next!

work with us

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